i would like everyone to take a good long look @ this pesterlog and really try to absorb just how much of complete fucking loser asshole vriska is i want it to really sink in bc i just read it again and i am still reeling over the fact that this amount of terribleness can be contained in one character


i was about to make a post saying i was starting to feel better but then a few minutes later i was like lol wow no i’m not

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i don’t even have any comment to post i just fucking love these idiots

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note 2 all authors: if ur timeline of characters’ bdays looks like this when it’s only half completed then u should start to question whether ur shit is getting a bit unnecessarily complex

bleh one bad thing about this re-read is it’s really bringing back every reason why i just really don’t like karkat

do u ever relate with a character so hard it kinda hurts

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woah never noticed that one before

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callie is the cutest possible character representation of a fandom ever and i’m so so so glad that she is the way she is instead of being one of those jokes about crazy fangirls or w/e 

ok basically everything about callie makes me happy (except for you know quite nearly everything that’s happened to her in the story so far but)

she’s just the best 

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