i would generally say “im dead inside” at a time like this but i don’t think that really reflects how dead i am in general i look like a pile of garbage and my entire face hurts

Posted on Sep 30— 6 minutes ago

i got a 94 on my fish prep

ppl from my marine bio class have begun referring to this week as the week of hell

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let me be perfectly queer

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a shocking but not unwelcome twist

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waking up early to study more fish bones like

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tryign to memorize fish bones at 2am more like 

like the rest of my notebook is like maybe 1 part notes 2 parts shitty drawings of fictional ladies that is the general baseline effort i put into class this is ridiculous and terrible

Posted on Sep 29— 17 hours ago

look @ these fucking notes i haven’t put this much effort into a test probably ever and it doesn’t matter even a little bit bc i can’t remember any of them for more than 3 seconds

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i will never learn to tell the difference between the prootic and the pterotic bones they aren’t even separate bones they’re all fucking fused together why is this happening

Posted on Sep 29— 17 hours ago