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Can you randomly exit the vehicle and save? (I can’t remember what I did during that quest.)

you can only get out of the vehicle when you reach the lab you’re supposed to be at :/ i can’t make it to the next one bc i keep blowing up lol. and then i respawn back in the car

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also the combat in this vehicle is shit. which is so weird because it was so easy to fight in the mako. but i have no way to zoom, the rockets i fire sometimes veer off to trail enemies i wasn’t even targeting, i have no health bar, and the only way to damage the turrets is to hit them in a very particular spot that i can’t find within the .5 seconds i have before my vehicle catches on fire from being shot at bc the enemies have a way bigger effective range than i do.

literally the fights have just been me sitting behind a rock (but only some rocks because some of them aren’t even fucking solid) and jumping out to make ~3 shots that will hit the turret but cause no damage before i immediately get critically damaged and have to go back into cover

this is the absolute worst this is the /worst/

yeah so it turns out once you start overlord you can’t quit. it also turns out that this questline absolutely fucking sucks and i’m getting sick and tired of being shot at thru walls and falling thru the fucking ground

ugh when will i learn to keep multiple saves i have no way to get out of here aside from finishing this pos

so was the me2 dlc that had the project overlord thing made under like a strict time limit or something? bc like. i certainly don’t know a lot about programming or w/e but it seems like the levels here are having a lot of issues that none of the main stuff does so

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whats the point of straight people honestly


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she had a bath

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Anonymous ;  
can you please prove to me that you are bisexual


Sure, here’s my permit: 



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Finding people attractive when you’re asexual is like, “I don’t know what I want to do with you exactly, but I wanna do a lot of it.”

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Adesuwa by Fredrik Lee

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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