my queue’s out again. i’ll deal with that stuff later but rn this is just an oblig “hey im here nothing weird happened” post

the prof of my ctsj class was talking about how he found it sort of weird when ppl got overly attached to their dogs and referred to them as family members and took them everywhere and bought them ridiculous things and i had to like bite my tongue the whole time bc all i could imagine was going up to him & being like hello do u want to see one of the 250+ pictures i have on my phone rn of my puppies let me show u my puppies

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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

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under normal circumstances i would have taken a selfie with my fish because this whole situation is more ridiculous than anything i’ve been involved in in months, however the fish does not smell very good and i do not want to unwrap it before i get to lab, much less put it near me while i make kissy faces at it, so

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piece of life advice: if you ever need to purchase a fish under dubious circumstances for a biology class, do not let the people at the nearest seafood city cut ur fish’s tail off. ur fish will spend the next 2.5 days dripping & there is not a damn thing u can do about it other than covertly sneak ur fish bag into the dorm’s bathroom in the middle of the night to dump out blood into the sink and wonder what specifically in your life you messed up that resulted in you being exactly where you are now

tomorrow (today i guess) i have to wake up at 7:30 and lug my fish carcass halfway across campus so i can spend a definitely pleasant 3.5 hours methodically boiling it and removing every last piece of flesh with a pair of tweezers, after which i’ll immediately have two 1.5hr long classes back-to-back which i’ll more likely than not have to attend in my fish blood clothes while smelling like fish

this has been a guide by cray on how to make friends in yr 1st 10 days of college children 

antaresia replied to your post: “lmao so the head of the research project i’m gonna be working on said…”:
is the prof listed under the class? when i did undergrad research it was kinda like this but most of the listings werent actually active and were “tbd”, since the prof has to agree to put you in the class. kind of a pain to look thru them all but yea



lmao so the head of the research project i’m gonna be working on said that i need to go add “bio 395” to my classes this weekend but like i went to go do that and u see


This caught me off guard and I probably laughed harder than I should have, omg. 

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tunicates confuse me so much

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